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Anyone who has noticed Jed Henry's Ukiyo-e art prints on the internet in the last year should definitely check out his Kickstarter,Edo Superstar.

A scrolling beat 'em up with a Japanese feel,the game follows the exploits of monkey hero Masaru;

"Masaru is a small-town monkey with big dreams. He wants nothing more than to become Japan's greatest star. At the start of the game, Masaru joins the Shiga Ninja Clan and learns to fight, hoping it will boost his reputation. However, he soon realizes that the Clan works only in secret; not a good fit for a star-struck monkey!


Masaru quits the Clan, and heads off to find fame in the big city. Along the way he meets a fast-talking rat who becomes his agent. Masaru's agent guides him from town to town, pitting him against Japan's most notorious bad guys.

By defeating enemies and impressing the locals, Masaru's fame grows. Fight by fight, stage by stage, Masaru makes his way across medieval Japan to the capital, in hopes of becoming a true Edo Superstar! "

The game art is exceptional,as are the pledge rewards.Here's a few of the prints available followed by the promo for the game,you can't see these and not be interested,Edo Superstar promises to be awesome!




Check out Edo Superstar on Kickstarter now,you'll be glad you did!

I originally wrote about Edo Superstar here.

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